Deep Diving on SCUBA

For years I was considered somewhat of a rogue in the recreational diving community. Having made decompression dives beyond 200 feet many times, I believed I pretty well had scuba diving down. Looking back, I am amazed at how much time we spent in those days working out complex decompression schedules using U.S. Navy dive […]

Is my SCUBAPRO Titanium regulator compatible with the use of Nitrox or pure oxygen?

I personally love titanium for a regulator material, but it generally isn’t a good choice for tech divers due to incompatibility with high concentrations of oxygen (above 40%) in the breathing gas mix. The following from Scubapro offers some detail why this is the case. ivermectin是什么药 gaminátor ingyenes kaszinó játékok fortuna zakłady bukmacherskie oferta Source […]

Atomic Frameless Mask

I just bought a new mask for the first time in 20 years. For deep technical diving, I keep a backup with me, but it’s always been just a cheap old thing I never thought much about.Until yesterday, my primary mask has been a Mares single window job that has been my companion for easily […]

DIR: An Alternate View I’m not sure just what to think about DIR. There are aspects that I most certainly agree with. Gear standardization, for example, I believe makes sense. The idea that every reef diver should be carrying a 7 foot hose? I’m not so sure. Like a lot of people, I am interested in learning why […]

SubGear XP10 Dive Computer

Update (7/19/13): Before buying the Subgear XP10 dive computer, please read my comments at the end of this post… I recently replaced my old, tried and true Oceanic Datamax Sport dive computer with the SubGear XP10. The primary reason is that I needed a Nitrox-compatible computer and wanted something that integrates with my laptop. Here […]

Rare 1823 Wreck Found—Capt. Linked to “Moby-Dick” I can’t imagine how many shipwrecks there must be throughout the world, but certain ones excite me a lot. Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Nuestra Señora de Atocha, The Hunley among others come to mind as wrecks I am particularly fascinated with. I remember reading a book about the Mel Fisher’s search for the Atocha long […]