The New VR Technology – VRx Dive Computer

VRX Dive Computer
VRX Dive Computer

Here’s a little information about VR’s new VRx dive computer from their site. I had a discussion about it with the owner of the dive shop where I teach. He left me with the impression that the main difference is the plastic housing, compared to the all metal VR3. fortuna zakłady bukmacherskie oferta

I’m planning to buy one of them (I haven’t decided which) in the coming weeks, since for the type of diving I am now doing, even most gas-switch computers aren’t enough. multilotek zaklady online VR makes it possible to handle multiple gas switches including trimix, and provides functionality to closely match the data output by my decompression software.

Still I haven’t taken either of these, the VRx or VR3 underwater, so whatever input I can get from those of you who have used them would be very much appreciated. hrat automaty online zdarma

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The New VR Technology – VRx Dive Computer

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– VGM Variable Gradient Factor Model

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