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When I originally created the JoeScuba blog, I had several informal goals. First, managing a blog is a fun way to stay connected between dive days. Secondly, I want to grow JoeScuba into a large online forum where divers from all over the world can share information about all topics related to diving, dive travel, […]

Blanket Octopus

I’ve sure never seen one of these! That’s one of the coolest things about scuba diving. On land, you don’t just run out into the forest and become surrounded by thousands of species of animals. If they are there, they’re not so visible and rarely as abundant. But, in the water, there’s the chance of […]

JoeScuba Website

I finally got around to recoding the main JoeScuba website. It’s still not an artistic marvel, but I’ll admit I was a little ashamed of the older version. For you nerds, it is now table-less (x)html/css, structured properly, etc. As much as I’d like to teach diving all the time, I actually make my living […]

Kona Uptates

Check back here for updates about the Kona trip coming up next fall. At this moment, it looks like a go. I have preliminary pricing for the dive operator and some hotels, which is less than $1100 for both! That’s 7 nights hotel and 6 days of diving! If we go, there’s room for four […]

DUI Drysuit Zip Seals

I have a little over 900 dives on my current drysuit, a DUI CF200x, and it still looks new. Recently, the zipper wore out, leaving me with the most uncomfortable wetsuit you could imagine. Surprisingly, the neck and wrist seals remained in great shape and as watertight as ever. However, since it was going in […]