No Stop vs. No Decompression. Which is correct?

Should no-decompression diving be renamed no-stop diving? does ivermectin kill mites other than scanies Earlier, I was semi-involved in a discussion about terminology regarding no-decompression diving, or diving within the no decompression limits (NDL) that define sport or recreational diving. I suggested that every dive is a decompression dive. I’m not the first to make […]

PADI Tec40 Course, Lake Tahoe

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to push your diving to the next level, PADI Tec40 is the first step beyond recreational diving. The PADI Tec40 course offers an introduction to diving with redundant systems, double SCUBA cylinders, lift bags, deco bottles and gas mixes up to 50% oxygen. More importantly, PADI Tec40 takes […]

Learn to Dive in Reno

Summer is finally here and if you’ve ever considered learning to SCUBA dive, now is the time to do it. If you live in or near Reno, even better. ivermectina líquido I teach through Sierra Diving Center and believe there is no better place to learn to dive anywhere in the world, let alone Reno. […]

Join JoeScuba

When I originally created the JoeScuba blog, I had several informal goals. First, managing a blog is a fun way to stay connected between dive days. ivermectina covid precio farmacia del ahorro اندرويد كازينو Secondly, I want to grow JoeScuba into a large online forum where divers from all over the world can share information […]

When it Comes to Air, Sport Divers Should Think Like Tech Divers

I read something recently that fits in well with everything I’ve been doing and thinking lately regarding SCUBA diving. I don’t remember where I saw it, but it was a piece about gas consumption and SAC rate calculation for sport divers. Obviously, in sport diving, the diver has direct access to the surface. However, although […]

SCUBA Diving Fitness

SCUBA diving is unlike a most other activities in terms of accessibility. By that, I mean that it really isn’t that hard to jump in the water and breath, so anybody can do it. طريقة لعب اونو Especially in resort diving from a boat, fitness isn’t much of a factor, as long as everything remains […]

Out of Air Emergencies

It has been said that the most dangerous thing in the water is… the water. I thoroughly believe that. As I mentioned, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with diver safety lately. Partly that’s due to a couple tragedies that have hit very close to home in recent weeks. بيتواي But this started before that. Diving feels […]

In-Water Rescue Breathing One of my favorite classes to teach is the PADI Rescue Diver course. While in-water rescue is serious business, the class is fun both for me and the students. اللعبة الدوارة It is frequently the first time diver begin to shift their focus from themselves and develop situational awareness. The comfort level with respect […]

DIR: An Alternate View I’m not sure just what to think about DIR. There are aspects that I most certainly agree with. Gear standardization, for example, I believe makes sense. The idea that every reef diver should be carrying a 7 foot hose? I’m not so sure. Like a lot of people, I am interested in learning why […]

Don’t Do This!

Here’s the thing.  If you ever need to use your alternate air source, it is very unlikely that you’ll be the one breathing from it. how to use ivermectin pour on for chickens  To review, the procedure for providing an octopus second stage regulator to your buddy is as follows: 1) Your buddy signals “out […]

Open Water SCUBA Class

I spent the early part of my day today teaching a PADI Open Water SCUBA class at Sierra Diving Center.  This one’s a private class for one person.  I was surprised to hear that this student has friends who say they would love to dive, but feel that the training is too time consuming??? This […]

This Bums Me Out Joe Strykowski is a name that’s been glued to the back of my mind since the 1970’s.  At the time I first heard of him I was maybe 10 or 12 years old and wanted nothing in life more than to earn SCUBA certification. what company makes stromectol como tomar simpiox  I know Joe […]