This is my dive log, and there are a few things I’d like to point out about it. First, it really isn’t complete, because non of my decompression dives have been recorded here. The reason for that is, until a couple weeks ago, all of my deco dives have been on decompression schedules generated using GAP. Since my digital gauges (Scubapro 330M) don’t provide any means of saving dive profiles directly to a computer, those dives are all in a paper log book. I may add them manually sometime, but since I doubt anybody is all that interested in my dives anyway, that probably won’t happen soon.

In the future, however, all my deco dive profiles will be uploaded digitally, because I am now diving with the Shearwater Petrel (the BEST dive computer EVER). I’ve had it for three weeks now, and every dive I’ve done since then has been teaching, but I should be able to dive for fun in the next few days, so I’ll finally get to take it deeper.

Also, these are only my last few hundred dives, since I kept paper logbooks for decades. As with my deco dives, I’m not all that interested in transcribing thousands of dives going back to the 1970’s.

But, what is here is cool in that all of these dives are logged at They’re just pulled in as an iframe, which I think is pretty cool. For ages, I had a dive log plugin running on this page that was a total hassle to update, so I never did. If you don’t have a profile on, go check it out.

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