Technically not a Monterey dive site, Lover’s Point is actually located on Ocean View Blvd., at 17th. street in Pacific Grove, CA. In my experience, Lover’s Point is worth checking out when conditions at Breakwater are rough. This is because the beach faces a different direction than at Breakwater, and also due to the concrete wall and jetty extending from the Southwest tip of the cove. Because of this entries are almost guaranteed to be an easy stroll from the sand to the water.

Underwater, you’ll find visibility similar to what you can expect a few miles North in Monterey, depending on wind, weather and prevailing currents. I’ve experienced visibility here in the 50 foot plus range down to only a few feet. Typically, 15 to 20 feet seems more like it.

With depths to around 45 feet, Lover’s Point is a good choice for new divers seeking to escape the Breakwater crowds. New diver or not, Lover’s Point is a fun dive. Nudibranchs live here in abundance, including the enormous (by nudibranch standards) Navinax with it’s striking neon stripes.

Occasionally, you’ll see rays and even harbor seals at Lover’s Point, along with the usual Monterey species of rockfish, flatfish and scores of invertebrates.

Keep in mind, there are parking and changing restrictions during peak seasons, so check the signs before gearing up or you could find yourself being cited by Pacific Grove’s finest. I don’t know what the fine is, but I do know I don’t want to pay it.

All in all, Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove is a fun dive, and definitely a nice change from Breakwater, so head down, jump in and report back here with your experiences.

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