DIR: An Alternate View

http://www.inspired-training.com/DIR%20-%20Whats%20its%20not.htm I’m not sure just what to think about DIR. There are aspects that I most certainly agree with. Gear standardization, for example, I believe makes sense. The idea that every reef diver should be carrying a 7 foot hose? I’m not so sure. Like a lot of people, I am interested in learning why […]

308 Meters

http://www.tech-dive-academy.com/journey.html Over the last several months, I have grown increasingly intense about my diving.  Stories like this are both inspiring and humbling.  John Bennett was the first diver to break the 1000 foot barrier on open circuit SCUBA.  This is an account of that dive.  Sadly, he later lost his life during a comparatively “routine” dive of, […]