Joe's OMS Harness

“Suicidal Bands of Death”??!! Show Me the Data to Prove it

Bungee Wing Deaths – Does it Really Happen? This is hilarious. I’ve been getting a bunch of heat ever since my post about using an OMS wing with bungees. First of all, it is easy to orally inflate. In fact, I can’t even tell the difference inflating the bungeed wing verses a normal jacket-style or back-inflation […]

DUI Drysuit Zip Seals

I have a little over 900 dives on my current drysuit, a DUI CF200x, and it still looks new. Recently, the zipper wore out, leaving me with the most uncomfortable wetsuit you could imagine. revectina preço does ivermectin absorb transdermally? Surprisingly, the neck and wrist seals remained in great shape and as watertight as ever. […]