OMS BC117-K 94lb Lift BCD/Wing Review

OMS BC117 94lb Lift Wing/BCD
OMS BC117 94lb Lift Wing/BCD

I have been using the OMS BC117, 94 pound-lift BCD (wing) for technical diving for quite some time. I’m not very active in tech diving forums, but I do haunt them from time to time, or read a thread or two when I’m looking for information. Oddly, within certain communities, there seems to be an aversion to OMS gear in favor of Halcyon or other brand, without ever there being substantiated reasoning behind that opinion. Usually, it’s just, “oh, OMS is OK but, look at brand Z. بيت فاينل

DIR divers take issue with three things regarding the OMS BC117-K. First, the bands (bungees). They view them as unnecessary and a potential entanglement hazard. Next, the redundant bladders, and finally, the 94 pounds of lift.

On the first note, there are still to my knowledge, no documented instances of a bungeed wing being a contributing factor in a diving injury. ivermectin covid drug None. Still, if you don’t like them, get the version without the bands.

Additionally, some complain that it makes the BCD difficult to orally inflate. In truth, they aren’t very tight and the BCD inflates pretty much the same as if it wasn’t banded at all. نتائج مباريات كوبا امريكا 2023

Regarding redundancy, whether or not it’s necessary depends on the type of diving you’re doing. Or, more to the point, the lift requirement for your gear configuration. If your doubles, deco bottles, weighting requirements and the rest of your gear add up to more weight than you can safely carry without a BCD, i.e. using your drysuit as a backup, then you need it, period. DIR folks call this an “unbalanced” rig. لعبة كزنو That concept may make sense in South Florida, but it doesn’t work where the water temperature is in the low 40’s, or colder.

For cold water, we use thick undergarments, which add a lot of buoyancy. I wish I could use something thinner because I don’t like carrying around extra weight either. But, anything less and hypothermia is a major problem. Under these conditions, your drysuit will by default, be holding a lot of air. If you add enough air to the suit in an attempt to compensate for the weight of your rig, there is a very good chance you’ll blow out your zipper.

Lift capacity is just a math problem. لعبة الكازينو You need enough lift to get your head out of the water while wearing your rig with full cylinders, deco bottles and other gear. ivermectin oral dosage goats If that’s 94 pounds, fine. There are 45 and 60 pound lift versions of this OMS wing so, whichever one is correct for your configuration…

The point is, OMS makes top-quality technical diving equipment. Their BCD’s are made using thicker materials than most others and all of the components are rugged as hell. It appears to me that some of the hype about a few other brands is more about the training agency having a financial stake in the equipment manufacturer than it is about actual quality issues.

Personally, I love OMS diving equipment. لعبة الروليت في الكازينو I love the shape of OMS backplates. ivermectin manufacturing companies in india I love the toughness of their wings, and I like the placement of the hoses/inflators. So, put OMS on your a-list next time you shop for a wing. They are seriously rugged, and priced in line with what you’d expect. As for the BC117, lift capacity and redundancy are a factor of the type of diving you do and your individual gear configuration.

Do the math and be honest about what you feel comfortable with. Don’t let a small group of vocal individuals posting on forums make that decision for you. Underwater, it’s just you, and you need what you need. ما هي لعبه Your thoughts?

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  1. Well said. Each dive must evaluate their conditions and purpose for equipment selection. The equipment intensive nature of diving justifies each individual make their own choices. I prefer OMS ( and yes I’ve tried other).

    I can dive OMS equipment from the North Atlantic to the South Pacfic open oceans. Cold or warm waters, low or no visibility, and in unpredictable situations (should they arise) either while working or for pure enjoyment. I like your open and honest approach. Each diver should trust their equipment and nto concern themselves over hype and marketing pitches. Again, well said.

  2. Thank you Joe for this blog. I have been eyeing the OMS systems for a while. This is my first personal gear purchase as I am tired of renting baggy BCD jackets. Please note I am a long time competitive swimmer (butterflyer) and diver so I want the least gear on me whenever possible. I was starting to worry as all I have been seeing is a bias against OMS. To be frank the other gear everyone is pushing appears either too bulky or too expensive for what it seems to be.

    This is what I am looking at for my system:
    OMS BC-BL32-B non retraction band single bladder/tank (figure at the cost I can purchase a larger 2 tank system when I start seriously doing doubles)
    OMS BP-134 Comfort Harness II with Stainless Steel Plate
    OMS BCA290-K Single Tank Adapter Plate (Stainless Steel)
    Scubapro super cinch straps to add to Adapter Plate (2 x $42.95) read a great review that liked the OMS adapter but found using the Scubapro straps easier to adjust for varying tank sizes faster. Thought this would be good when travelling without tanks)

    Thank you once again for your blog,


    1. Good choice with the 32lb wing. As long as there’s enough lift for your gear configuration, it’s perfect. I use one with an aluminum plate and basic, single web harness for traveling. If I have room (weight-wise), I’ll take my stainless plate and don’t need to use any lead.

      You might take a look at the Soft Single Tank Adapter (BCA293). It’s a little lighter and doesn’t scratch up your tank. The Scubapro straps are great. I use the stainless OMS ones, but they’re heavy, so I often travel with plastic anyway.

      I hope you’ll report back when you get your new rig in the water!

      – Joe

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