Welded 90 degree d-ring

Are Welded D-Rings Really an Entanglement Hazard?

In the diving community, especially the technical diving community, there are a lot of “facts” thrown around related to best diving practices, equipment, training standards, etc. If you do a little research, much of what is stated as “fact” isn’t supported with much, if any, verifiable data. There are many examples: “Bungeed wings catch on things, […]

OMS Deluxe Harness

This is my harness/backplate/wing rig. I think it looks tough. It’s a huge pain to adjust, but sure fits right once you get it set. And, that’s the key. This is the OMS Deluxe Harness. I use the hogarthian, standard harness as well. In a way, I like it better because it is simpler. Come […]