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“Suicidal Bands of Death”??!! Show Me the Data to Prove it

Bungee Wing Deaths – Does it Really Happen?

This is hilarious. I’ve been getting a bunch of heat ever since my post about using an OMS wing with bungees. First of all, it is easy to orally inflate. In fact, I can’t even tell the difference inflating the bungeed wing verses a normal jacket-style or back-inflation BCD. I think this is because forcing air into the lowest areas of the bladder offers much more resistance than properly tensioned bungees.

As for being snagged and trapped against the ceiling of a cave. I can’t speak to that. Someday, I may take a trip to Florida and attend a cave diving class. Until then, I really don’t care.

The other big argument I’ve been getting is that if I somehow poke a hole in my BC, the air will rush out. Guess what? If you poke a hole in your non-bungeed wing, the air will still rush out. Let me explain. A hole acts as a passageway that air will exploit to gain access to the surrounding water. No squeezing is necessary for that result. Try it.

Anyway, I don’t claim to know everything about diving, but I do know that just about any problem that a diver might experience underwater can be dealt with by remaining rational and thinking things through.

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