Welded 90 degree d-ring

Are Welded D-Rings Really an Entanglement Hazard?

In the diving community, especially the technical diving community, there are a lot of “facts” thrown around related to best diving practices, equipment, training standards, etc. If you do a little research, much of what is stated as “fact” isn’t supported with much, if any, verifiable data. There are many examples: “Bungeed wings catch on things, […]

Apeks Tek 3 Review

Apeks Tek 3 About six months ago, I made a regulator change on my technical rig from Poseidon to Apeks. My Poseidon regs (Cyklon 300’s) are close to 25 years old, and while they’re still exceptionally good regulators, the hose routing sucks, and getting parts has become a hassle. For sport diving I use an […]

Scubapro 330M Digital Gauge

I recently had a conversation with a technical diver who explained that his “backup” depth gauge and timing device was his older sport diving computer in gauge mode, but that the screen would occasionally “go dark” during a dive. A little bit stunned and bewildered, I asked if that didn’t make him at least a […]

PADI Tec40 Course, Lake Tahoe

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to push your diving to the next level, PADI Tec40 is the first step beyond recreational diving. The PADI Tec40 course offers an introduction to diving with redundant systems, double SCUBA cylinders, lift bags, deco bottles and gas mixes up to 50% oxygen. More importantly, PADI Tec40 takes […]

Getting Started in Technical Diving

Getting started in technical diving, the first question you must ask is why. For the uninitiated, technical diving basically involves diving where the diver does not have direct access to the surface. Typically, this means overhead environments like wrecks and caves, or deep/long dives with decompression obligations. In both cases, there is significant additional risk. […]

Is my SCUBAPRO Titanium regulator compatible with the use of Nitrox or pure oxygen?

I personally love titanium for a regulator material, but it generally isn’t a good choice for tech divers due to incompatibility with high concentrations of oxygen (above 40%) in the breathing gas mix. The following from Scubapro offers some detail why this is the case. ivermectin是什么药 gaminátor ingyenes kaszinó játékok fortuna zakłady bukmacherskie oferta Source […]

OMS Deluxe Harness

This is my harness/backplate/wing rig. I think it looks tough. It’s a huge pain to adjust, but sure fits right once you get it set. And, that’s the key. This is the OMS Deluxe Harness. I use the hogarthian, standard harness as well. In a way, I like it better because it is simpler. Come […]