New Free SCUBA Classified Ad Website

Free Scuba Classifieds
Free Scuba Classifieds

I’m not sure if the world needed another free classifieds website or not, but here’s one more. I mostly created as a test related to another project, but now that it’s finished and live, I really like the site and would like to see people use it–especially after looking around at the few scuba gear classified websites I was able to find out on the web.

My thinking is that most divers are gear hounds like me, and end up with a growing collection of used dive equipment that no longer fits the type of diving they do. oral ivermectin scabies simpiox ivermectina contraindicaciones So, if you fit that category, someone is looking for that dive gear that’s just sitting in your basement or garage. revectina preço libermetina

At this moment, the site’s brand new, so please post your stuff for sale and help me make my site grow. ivermectin sheep drench 960 ml durvet ivermectin apple flavored horse paste It’s free.

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