Hurricane bay is a fun place to dive. We use it for deep dive training because of the near-shore access to deep water. You park along the bike path, and it’s just a short gravel walk down to the water, making it a great place for technical dives as well, since dealing with a lot of gear is easier when you don’t have to carry it hundreds of yards wearing a drysuit.

Underwater, it’s a steep sloping bottom made up of cobbles. At 60 feet there’s a sunken sailboat that looks to be a little less than 30 feet in length. Across her transom is the moniker, “Alley Cat.”

The water gets deep fast, so pay attention to that. There’s also boat traffic in the warmer months, but all in all, Hurricane bay makes a good dive.

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  1. I conducted three advanced training dives here on Wednesday. After a night of being hammered with wind and pouring down rain, I expected the conditions to suck. Other than being cold in the morning, it ended up being an epic dive day! Glass flat, fairly warm (55-ish), and visibility near 100 feet! Awesome!

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