OMS Deluxe Harness

Joe's OMS Harness
Joe's OMS Harness

This is my harness/backplate/wing rig. I think it looks tough. It’s a huge pain to adjust, but sure fits right once you get it set. And, that’s the key. This is the OMS Deluxe Harness. I use the hogarthian, standard harness as well. In a way, I like it better because it is simpler. Come to think of it, I think my hogarthian harness was made by Dive Rite. If I remember right, OMS’s still has a shoulder release, which I didn’t want on that rig.

The nice thing about the OMS Deluxe Harness is the chest strap attached to rings on each shoulder strap. With a dry suit, this keeps things a little more secure on the surface where air in the suit can push outward on the straps making them feel loose.

Overall, I like OMS better than Dive Rite. I read once in a while on blogs and diving forums the suggestion that other brands are made tougher. I don’t know where they get this stuff. OMS dive gear is practically bullet proof! I think these are the same guys that think you’ll die if you stick your toe in the water wearing a banded wing. Since OMS is pretty big on banded wings, there’s a group of divers that just won’t accept anything OMS offers.

On that subject, I like bungied wings. They vent just fine, are as easy to orally inflate as any other BC, and remain compact in or out of the water. I also like dual bladder wings, so I guess I’m not DIR.

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