Is my SCUBAPRO Titanium regulator compatible with the use of Nitrox or pure oxygen?

MK25T/S600T Regulator System

MK25T/S600T Regulator System

I personally love titanium for a regulator material, but it generally isn’t a good choice for tech divers due to incompatibility with high concentrations of oxygen (above 40%) in the breathing gas mix. The following from Scubapro offers some detail why this is the case.

Source (the following):

“Titanium is not compatible with high blend Nitrox (oxygen enriched air) mixes because it may ignite when exposed to high oxygen concentrations. For this reason it is not advisable to use Titanium regulators with Nitrox but where local laws do not restrict the use of standard International fittings for Nitrox use (outside the EU for example), they may be used up to 40% Nitrox without any conversion. Titanium regulators cannot be cleaned or converted for use with Nitrox mixes higher than 40%.”

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