Atomic Frameless Mask

I just bought a new mask for the first time in 20 years. For deep technical diving, I keep a backup with me, but it’s always been just a cheap old thing I never thought much about.Until yesterday, my primary mask has been a Mares single window job that has been my companion for easily 2,500 dives.

The downside is that it’s always been just a little leaky. Not, gushing-water-in sort of leaky, but clear-it-more-frequently-than-I’d-like leaky. Not a big deal, and since I have a little facial hair, I didn’t expect that I could do better anyway.

So, my plan was to grab a replacement for my backup and continue using the Mares that I felt had a lot of good karma, having been through so much together. I tried out a buddy’s Atomic mask and now I have to have one.

That Atomic mask was the best 100 bucks I ever spent. It fits better, feels better, and doesn’t leak at all. Who would have thought?

My gas consumption rate is pretty low, so I’m generally the last one out of air; however, a very real consideration when diving deep is that breathing gas mixes other than air can be very expensive, so blowing it out your nose just to keep water from obstructing your view is pretty stupid. I guess you could ague that you inhaled it, so it’s not a waste… whatever.

Anyway, I love my new mask and am about to buy a second one so my primary and backup match.

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