Rare 1823 Wreck Found—Capt. Linked to “Moby-Dick”


I can’t imagine how many shipwrecks there must be throughout the world, but certain ones excite me a lot. Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Nuestra Señora de Atocha, The Hunley among others come to mind as wrecks I am particularly fascinated with. I remember reading a book about the Mel Fisher’s search for the Atocha long before he finally found it. Same for the Hunley. All of these have only been found relatively recently. ivermectin oral dosage goats

Right now, work is being done attempting to prove that a recently uncovered wreck is Queen Anne’s Revenge. ivermectin covid drug

The one mentioned in this story perked my interest because many years ago, I forced myself to read every page of Moby Dick. Granted Melville’s classic tome is worth reading, but it is work for someone of my limited cerebral agility. ivermectin manufacturing companies in india

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