Learn to Dive in Reno

Summer is finally here and if you’ve ever considered learning to SCUBA dive, now is the time to do it. If you live in or near Reno, even better. I teach through Sierra Diving Center and believe there is no better place to learn to dive anywhere in the world, let alone Reno. That’s because […]

Join JoeScuba

When I originally created the JoeScuba blog, I had several informal goals. First, managing a blog is a fun way to stay connected between dive days. Secondly, I want to grow JoeScuba into a large online forum where divers from all over the world can share information about all topics related to diving, dive travel, […]

Try SCUBA Diving with a PADI Discover SCUBA Diving Experience

If there’s one thing divers know that our land-locked friends and neighbors don’t, it’s that the world looks a whole lot different after you’ve experienced it from liquid space. Granted, diving is not for everyone, but for most of us, taking that first breath underwater was life-changing. Sharing that experience is what the PADI Discover […]

When it Comes to Air, Sport Divers Should Think Like Tech Divers

I read something recently that fits in well with everything I’ve been doing and thinking lately regarding SCUBA diving. I don’t remember where I saw it, but it was a piece about gas consumption and SAC rate calculation for sport divers. Obviously, in sport diving, the diver has direct access to the surface. However, although […]

SCUBA Diving Fitness

SCUBA diving is unlike a most other activities in terms of accessibility. By that, I mean that it really isn’t that hard to jump in the water and breath, so anybody can do it. Especially in resort diving from a boat, fitness isn’t much of a factor, as long as everything remains tightly under control. […]

Out of Air Emergencies

It has been said that the most dangerous thing in the water is… the water. I thoroughly believe that. As I mentioned, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with diver safety lately. Partly that’s due to a couple tragedies that have hit very close to home in recent weeks. But this started before that. Diving feels so […]

SCUBA Diving Safety

Lately I’ve been obsessing over decompression theory, safety and diving accident data. When everything goes right, diving is a pretty easy activity to take part in. Exertion is minimal which puts diving within reach of most people. And, equipment is virtually fail-safe. However, equipment can fail, and conditions can deteriorate. It is our reaction to […]