Aqualung Airsource 3 Review

Aqualung Airsource 3
Aqualung Airsource 3

For recreational diving, I’m a big fan of what’s becoming known as the “safe second” stage BCD inflator/alternate air source. I very recently switched from the original SeaQuest Air Source, to the Aqualung Airsource 3.

I mentioned in another post that I like the original better. I made two more dives with it today, his time with a student, and have a few more thoughts. Something that really bugs me is the position of the inflator button. what company makes stromectol It’s on top alongside the deflator button.

My complaint is that it’s not where the inflator is generally located. how to use ivermectin pour on for chickens I’m very¬†accustomed grabbing it in my palm and having a button under a finger tip. The new one just doesn’t feel right. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now, I’m fumbling with it quite a bit.

What I really like about safe seconds in general is that it is simply a less cluttered rig, requiring one less hose than an octopus. I also like having my alternate in a place that I locate dozens of times throughout the dive.

The regulator on the Aqualung Airsource 3 is fantastic. It is much smoother to breath than the original. All in all I like it a lot, and I really needed to move into this century with some of my dive gear. heeler reaction to ivermectin

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  1. I have OMS Performance Mono Wing Bladder, wondering whether AirSource 3 could be fitted in OMS without using adapter ?

    1. Hi Welly,

      There are two connections that need to fit. One is the attachment to the corrugated hose. I haven’t measured that. I think the AirSource 3 fits a standard hose, but I’ll try to confirm that when I get home.

      The other connection is the low pressure hose. That is different. The hose that comes with a new AirSource 3 supports the higher airflow demand required for the regulator. It uses a different connection than your OMS wing’s standard low pressure inflator. No adapter exists for that. You must use the correct AirSource hose to safely use the AirSource.

      That said, here are a few things to think about. If you are a technical diver, that type of “safe second stage” is not a good replacement for a standard short hose on a necklace. One of the most basic problems is performance. A gas sharing emergency in deep water demands a very high flow rate, that this type of regulator may not be able to supply. Also, should you have a problem that requires you to disconnect your inflator hose, you also lose your backup gas supply. Since the hose is non-standard, you limit backup options. I’m sure I can think of many others, but you get the idea.

      For recreational diving, I don’t see any major issues. Personally, I’ve moved away from that type of regulator in favor of a standard octopus. I’m not suggesting you do the same, but I do find that it simplifies the transition between technical and recreational gear configurations. Since everything works with everything else, I can simply mix and match plates a wings based on the requirements for a given dive.

      – Joe

  2. Another thing… It is great being able to disconnect the Airsource 3 from the BCD and keep it with my primary regulator. It is much easier to maintain, rinse with fresh water, etc. than it is leaving on the BC.

    1. hi joe,

      many thx for ur advice
      I’m not a tech diver
      still working on my AirSource 3 hahaha
      Aqualung provide AirSource adapter to fit in Zeagle n Scubapro but unfortunately not to OMS n Hollis
      still figuring out the modification to get it fitted in.
      I might purchase Apeks bladder in soon, by then my AirSource3 will be fitted nicely I hope
      once again, thanks for ur advise, GBU

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