Vintage Double Hose – Cool Site!

This site has a really cool listing, with pictures, of double hose regulators. I like that there is a rating system (1-5 stars) depicting the rarity of each double hose regulator they list. where to get ivermectin for dogs سلوتس اون لاين

Among the rarest is a “blue can” Mistral made around 1958. العاب وجوائز مالية حقيقية I own one that is original and still working (You can see the label here: I’d love to know more about it. is it safe to give ivermectin to pregnant cows I do know that the same regulator was once sold by Sears under the J. ivermectin是什么药 C. Higgins label, and saw a picture of one once that had the Mistral label affixed over the J. C. Higgins one. I’m not about to peel the label on mine to find out if there’s a Higgins label there too.

If you know anything about this regulator, please drop me a note.

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