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Project Baseline

In recent months, I’ve had the good fortune to be introduced to Project Baseline. Project Baseline is a not-for-profit, conservation organization that has involved thousands of divers all over the world.

One of the goals for Project Baseline is to document the condition of aquatic ecosystems over time, to chronicle changes that might be occurring. They accomplish this through volunteer dive teams taking measurements at specific locations. Typically these include visibility, temperature and, as is the case with Lake Tahoe, depth. These and other data points are made available through an online database, where teams also provide photos of the locations they monitor.

Project Baseline - Baseline Explorer
Baseline Explorer

Project Baseline is unique among conservation organizations in that they provide a direct benefit to scientists conducting research. The organization’s research vessel, the Baseline Explorer is equipped with manned submersibles, chase boats, gas blending facilities and anything else a serious dive expedition would require.

It is a truly remarkable organization, and my hope is readers of my blog will become members of Project Baseline. To do so, please visit: To dispel confusion, project baseline is associated with GUE. 100% of the $39 membership goes directly to the non-profit. You can also access the page through the Project Baseline website, but it requires a few extra clicks to get to the same place.

Please consider joining. Project Baseline is the only organization I know of where divers of all levels have an opportunity to contribute to serious, ongoing scientific research.

For information about Lake Tahoe monitoring stations, please visit:

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