Pilot Whales: Kona Diving at it’s Best!

Diving with Pilot Whales in Kona

Diving with Pilot Whales in Kona

I’ve been spouting off for the last few months about December’s planned dive trip to Kona. This is just one of the great things about diving in Hawaii… whales. This was actually at the end of the dive. We had finished diving for the day and were headed back to the dock when a call came in from another boat about 6 miles offshore indicating that a pod of pilot whales had been spotted.

Asked if we’d like to take a chance at intercepting them, we couldn’t agree fast enough. It took nearly an hour to catch up to the whales, but given an opportunity like that, you don’t ask questions, you just go!

Soon enough we were in the water with them, miles out in the open ocean. It was awesome!! This is actually a screen capture from video I was shooting. The video is nothing to brag about because pilot whales are FAST, even if they look like they’re just ambling along. Still, you don’t have experiences like this every day. Incredible!

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