Hurricane Bay Lake Tahoe – Dive Site

Hurricane Bay Lake Tahoe
Hurricane Bay Lake Tahoe

Anyone who dives Lake Tahoe knows that it is spectacular in terms of surroundings, clear water and fairly good access to most dive sites. We, as Lake Tahoe divers also know that the water is cold, and aquatic life relatively limited. As a result, I sometimes hear divers say things like, “oh, it’s just Tahoe,” or something similar.

Most often, that attitude comes from those who dive one location; Sand Harbor . Sand Harbor is very likely the first open water dive site these individuals ever dived, and probably the site they go back to to make Tahoe dives. It’s also a fun place to go, especially in the Summer, even if you’re not diving, but it is by no means the only dive site on the lake, or even representative of every other Lake Tahoe dive site.

Another is Hurricane Bay , located a few miles West of Tahoe City on the California side. I love diving Hurricane Bay. On the bottom, you’ll find a gravel covered steep slope, which quickly descends into very deep water. I’m not sure the exact location, but somewhere near the midsection of the bay at 60 feet lies the wreck of the Alley Cat, a 20-something (my estimate) sailboat resting on her port side. 777 Since there are very few accessible wrecks in Lake Tahoe, this is a fun diversion.

The site makes a great technical dive due to easy access to deep water as well as the fact that you can park just yards from your entry point. It is an active buoy field so vigilance with regard to boat traffic is critical.

I don’t think Hurricane Bay is an ideal location for new divers simply because it gets deep so quickly. Once buoyancy control has been mastered, though Hurricane is a pretty straight-forward site to dive. العب كازينو

So, for easy access, great visibility, and new things to explore, I’d put Hurricane Bay on the list of must-visit dive sites in Lake Tahoe. أجويرو

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  1. We usually dive the Feather River. This weekend, my son Andrew will be taking Rescue Diver at Meeks Bay. I was told by a friend to check out Hurricane Bay and just might do it Saturday, time permitting. If your interested in a great dive, check this out!

    Here is a video of where we dive:

    Here is how big the fish are we dive with:


    1. Thanks for checking in Robert. I hope your son is having a great time at Meeks!

      I was at Hurricane this morning, and will be back again tomorrow doing deep dives on trimix. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely go.

      I’m interested to learn more about the dives sites in your area as well.

      – Joe

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