Miflex Hoses – SCUBA Gear Review

Miflex Hoses for SCUBA
Miflex Hoses for SCUBA

Every once in a while a product comes along that is so simple and so right, you wonder how you got along without it. In diving, a lot gear comes and goes without ever really having stood a chance in the market. ivermectin apple flavored horse paste ivermectin double strand breaks ncbi My guess is that we as divers have a natural tendency to seek new and better ways to do things. For the most part, SCUBA gear configurations are pretty standard, so new products that aren’t clearly better tend to fade away pretty quickly.

Miflex hoses aren’t exactly new. They’ve been gaining popularity for some years, but hoses are not something divers usually think much about–unless there’s a rupture. Miflex hoses are tough, to say the least, but the key features that set Miflex apart, and make them a must-have for every diver is, as the name implies, flexibility.

Hoses used for diving a typically pretty stiff. heartworm ivermectin .08% dosing A regulator hose will often be the determining factor whether a diver’s second stage stays level or is pushed to one side or the other. If you experience jaw fatigue or other discomfort during a dive, that can often be traced back to the hose pushing the regulator out of it’s ideal position, forcing you to clench down harder on the mouthpiece to compensate. libermetina Miflex hoses greatly alleviate this tendency.

At the high pressure end, Miflex hoses are also much thinner (LP hoses are thinner than their standard hose counterparts, but the difference isn’t nearly as dramatic) than a typical SPG hose. simpiox ivermectina contraindicaciones About half as thick, I’d estimate. casino888 That makes them easier to route and manage, as well as somewhat lighter. And, they just look cool.

All Miflex hoses look cool. They come in lots of colors (I still prefer black) and are braided. ivermectina líquido Like the braided distributor hoses in a classic American hot rod, Miflex hoses have a look and feel that just screams out quality.

As a final thought, technical divers should love Miflex hoses. مراهنات كرة القدم اليوم They make the long hose much more comfortable and manageable, and all the hoses easier to route, with less stress at the bends.

In short, Miflex hoses are a seemingly mundane product that you will be grateful to have every time you get in the water. اون لاين العاب

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